1. Do I save money using a broker

      Generally you do, as a broker has 

      lower costs that a traditional dealer,

      and can buy from auctions just like 

      dealerships do. 

2.  Can I trade my current car in?

      Absolutely! We shop your trade to 

      get the best value and many times 

      have a buyer in mind when working 


3.  How do I get financed?

     We have access to the same major     

      bank, credit union, and factory lease

      products that any dealership has. 

4.  Where do you find your cars?

      We search all of the national auction

      sites that include most factory lease

      return events that are held weekly 

      throughout the year. Most auto brokers

      subscribe to 4 or 5 dealer exclusive 

      wholesale sites to source used vehicles

5.  How does it work with new vehicles?

     Because of our relationships with  

     dealership managers and owners, we 

     work directly  with fleet and lease 

     departments that give us special pricing

     on most new cars and trucks.